About Us

There are lot to talk about Bangladesh Awamileague. It is the most oldest and most glorious Political Party in Bangladesh. People say,"History of Awamileague is the history of Bangladesh". We are Ireland Awami league and part of Bangladesh Awami league.Our aim, objective and constitution are same as Bangladesh Awamileague. Currently, our political party is leading the Govt Of Bangladesh to peace and prosperity.


Our Work

Our Work..? It’s a very good question. We believe in few principles to go ahead and reach our targets. Should we discuss all these? Let’s explore few of our main principle, what way we reach our goal.

Information flow:on flowsly. This makes aware to the member staff that what is the current status of their organisation and they work towards that accordingly. Any decision making process also depends on how the information flows top to bottom. If the information stops at the top of the stage and doesn’t flow to the middle and bottom then it makes confusion in whole organisation

President of Ireland Awamileague

My Dear Brothers & Sisters,
I am delighted to announce that Ireland Awamileague has formed. There were several..
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Secretary Of Ireland Awamileague

Dear Expatriate Bangladeshi,
Welcome to our website of Ireland Awamileague. It is good see ..
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Organising Secretary of Ireland Awamileague

Hi All,
If you are here, then you already know so many things about us. ..
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